How To Install TNX Code In WordPress

For those that signed up with TNX (Buying/Selling Text Link Ads) here is how you are going to install TNX on your WordPress Software:

Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers!


1. Open Notepad Copy their Full Code from and save file as tnx.php

2. Upload the file to your ftp server where your theme is at

  • Example: wp-content/themes/Your_Theme_Name

3. Go to Presentation on Your WordPress and Click On Theme Editor.

4. You will notice there will be file tnx.php in the right side list?

5. Question for you ! Where do you want to put your links from tnx?

I placed mine on sidebar, because that is where most space I got, I hate placing irrelevant links right on top or on the bottom of my posts.

Now the fun part!

To call the file tnx.php simply copy this code where ever you want to place their links.

If you want to place it on top of the posts click on Single Post look for and right under that code paste

If you want to place your code in sidebar on top:

Look for

Ad the TNX code BEFORE

OPTION NO.2 and maybe easy for some people that don’t know squad about wordpress or files and coding

Install this WordPress Plugin Called Exec-PHP

Copy Paste Code and you should be done, sorry I can not give you step by step solution here because I have not done it “yet”.

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