All the digg-style applications: The list !!!

There are over 380 Digg clones! (exactly 384 now.) Social web applications with an UP-YES or UP/DOWN-YES/NO voting system.

As for Social Bookmarks like, RawSugar, Netvouz… See here for descriptions, features and more…, there are over 200 of them!

Digg: THE DIGG, social news community website using tags, categories and voting. [Digg Blog/RSS]


These all have the same basic features: submit, comments voting or rating.

  1. 1zone: GLBT. [+26/02/07]
  2. AmPmInsure: NEW! Insurance information/help community. [+29/01/07]
  3. Autospies: for automobile news. [+07/07/06]
  4. Adult content. NSW. [+03/11/06]
  5. Betamarker: for beta software. [+07/09/06]
  6. Blog Memes: digg-style with publishing and thumshots(with a update thumbshot button) exists also in many languages. (see below) [Engine: Akarru]
  7. BlinkBits Community with social bookmarking. [info] [+13/07/06]
  8. Blog-Buzz: NEW! For blog posts. [+29/01/07]
  9. Bloodee: NEW! Horror Related. [+29/01/07]
  10. Blosker: digg like with the categories: Strange, Bored, Scandal and Porn. [+27/10/06]
  11. bookrevyoo: for books. [+21/09/06]
  12. Boxxnet: for bookmarks, news, books, videos…collections. [+21/09/06]
  13. bytemycode: for code snippets. [+27/07/06]
  14. Canadaka: Website for promote Canadian patriotism, nationalism, sovereignty and democracy with a section to submit, comment and rate using a 1-10 dropdown menu. Is said to have existed over 2 years. [info] [+20/08/06]
  15. Care2 News Network: digg-stye about the environment, human rights, animal welfare using tags, groups and image support. … an extension to the community website. (Thanks to Michael L.)
  16. Catster: Submit, comment and rate cats. See also for dogs. [+13/07/06]
  17. CC Hits: for creative common music. A Ning application with comments, voting, music player and more.[+31/05/06]
  18. Citizenbay: For US local news, events, classifies and opinion using tags. Up/down voting for opinions only. [+13/11/06]
  19. Content Pop: Group of communities: technology, health, shopping… [+13/10/06]
  20. CrowdStorm: For shopping with images and voting as recomendations. [+27/10/06]
  21. Culture Popp!: for pop related.[+05/10/06]
  22. Curious Contraptions Community: A forum.
  23. Daytipper: NEW! For tips. [+20/04/07]
  24. Deal Comet: NEW! Deals and coupons, for the US, Canada and the UK. [+20/03/07]
  25. For Shopping and coupons showing item photos. [RSS][+19/07/06]
  26. DigStock: Financial news. [+11/11/06]
  27. Dissect Medicine: for medical news. [RSS][+22/05/06]
  28. Diggers: by, a wiki based digg with thumbshots and Ajax. Let’s you synchonize with, digg or reddit. [+22/05/06]
  29. diggtrends: Digg’s mirror and a complement to .[+10/07/06]
  30. dzone: for developers resource. With small zooming thumbshots when hovering. [+10/06/06]
  31. Dogster: Submit, comment and rate dogs. See also for cats. [+13/07/06]
  32. eurogoal NEWS: Football news using tags. [+13/12/06]
  33. FLURL: For videos with up/down voting. (some NSW.) [+11/11/06]
  34. folkd: Social network and bookmarks with digg like voting and a news section. [Review][+23/07/06]
  35. FWDiton: for funny emails. [+13/11/06]
  36. gibbity: digg-style, rate and review games.
  37. humdigg: news for/by the Indian community.[+21/06/06]
  38. Hypediss: For stories, up/down voting and tags. [+12/11/06]
  39. I use This: For Mac OS X Applications.[+09/08/06]
  40. NEW! For music with web players. [+29/01/07]
  41. imgppl: NEW! Photos voting. [+15/03/07]
  42. Inchicks: For girls. [+06/11/06]
  43. IndiaGram: focused on India. They have created voting system to a Scuttle engine [+17/07/06]
  44. iTalkNews: Submit, write, rate, comment, add related news and get paid. [RSS]
  45. Jossle: NEW! For political media stories. Where votes total can go in to minus, view source ranking. (said to be built on Pligg) [+20/04/07]
  46. Jump it!: For Games, PSP, Hack… related.[+06/08/06]
  47. KicksHype: All about sneakers. [+03/11/06]
  48. Law Favorites : Focused on the Law. Drupal powered.
  49. Linkfilter: Existed before digg, at least since 1.2.2000! digg-style with rating, has a Firefox toolbar and sidebar. [RSS]
  50. livelocker: for videos, music, and photos.
  51. NEW! For videos. [+20/04/07]
  52. meme-stream: digg-style for funny and useful links. [RSS]
  53. memigo: Text-based digg-style for articles with no categories. Find alike Users. Option for iframe browsing, user filter…[RSS]
  54. MetaFilter Projects: digg-style for self-linking projects.[RSS]
  55. MoSexIndex : digg-style by museomofsex for Adult content. sex sites – news, articles, pornsites, art, literature, humor…[+23/09/06]
  56. MOG:(Millions of games) digg-style for games with an ‘e-mail this’ and a ‘play this’ button. [RSS]
  57. motorpulse: For cars built on Ruby on Rails.[RSS]
  58. muti: reddit like for content of interest to Southern Africans or those interested in Southern Africa.[RSS]
  59. Now shows digg-style social news using categories and tags…[RSS][+15/06/06]
  60. and digg-style for News with categories.
  61. NewsCloud: (previously CommonTimes) for news with tags, groups and images support.[02/06]
  62. Newsgrad: NEW! News. [+10/02/07]
  63. Newsvine: digg-style community for news with tags and the possibility to create your own columns(write).[RSS]
  64. newsgarbage: digg-style for technology news with up/down voting. [RSS]
  65. NippleByte: Adult content. NSW.[+11/11/06]
  66. NooZ: For MySpace members and MySpace add-on widgets. [+19/05/06]
  67. oKs!: digg-style for anything with up/down votes.[+01/06]
  68. OOZM: Search engine with digg like voting. [info][+19/06/06]
  69. Pickstation: for music podcasts with feedplayer support. [+15/07/06]
  70. picli: NEW! for any creative content [+20/04/07]
  71. Pikapet: Doggies, Kitties and other pets.
  72. Pixelmo: Video game related.[+18/07/06]
  73. Plime: An aggragator wiki with up/down voting [+13/11/06]
  74. PodcastAlley: for funny podcats. Interface is a bit different but has all the features.
  75. Protolize: Submit, review and rate web-tools. [+13/07/06]
  76. Pop Current: Categories by tyoe or file format, Music, Talk, Video, Books…[+06/08/06]
  77. qoolsqool: for educational resource for educators, students, and self-learners around the world. [RSS][+08/07/06]
  78. Quadriot: for funny, strange stories.[+30/06/06]
  79. Questionville: for voting the answers, not the questions. Has live search and sub-categories, does not support links.
  80. Reddit: digg-style with up/down voting and Karma points, exists in 23 laguages. sub-reddits have their own domain URL and can all be viewed on all.reddit, Not Safe For Work (Adult content.) is a sub-reddits. Lipstick seems to be a new one.
  81. RealEstateVoices: Real estate related.
  82. Riffs: for anything. a bit different, rating is the main ‘BIG’ feature with up/down voting, also supports images.
  83. digg-style for special news and rewards. Does not have RSS
  84. Shoutwire: digg-style rating for news stories. Uses iframe browsing. Their LinkRolls show vote buttons.
  85. Snarf torrent indexer. (previsouly used pligg.)
  86. Sliider: for submitting and voting photos directly (no links): for triathlon news. [+11/10/06]
  87. Spankwire: like shoutwire for Adult content. NSW. [via] [+22/05/06]
  88. Sperocite: for news [+30/07/06]
  89. SpinSpy: digg-style for any link.[+02/01/06]
  90. SportsBlink: for sports. (thanks to comment) [RSS][+22/05/06]
  91. TalkSoccer: NEW! Soccer. [+29/01/07]
  92. The Best Stuff In The World: a bit like riffs with social bookmarking. [+05/06/06]
  93. Techtagg: BETA, with adsense support. [+24/08/06]
  94. Tendango: digg-style with community collections/listing and tagging.
  95. Travelscoop: New Zealand Travel News and Travel Information. [+08/07/06]
  96. trendi: Fashion news using tags. [+29/12/06]
  97. Tribalwar: NEW! for gaming news. [+12/02/07]
  98. Ajax-based social video & news aggregation with star voting, tags and Karma points. Also supports file upload! [RSS][+08/07/06]
  99. UrbanDictionary: Even the urbandictionary has implemented up/down voting! Has no commenting.
  100. NEW! For Links and videos. [+13/02/07]
  101. Value Investing News: Inverstment related with up/down voting. (Dupral) [+08/11/06]
  102. VCNewsCentral: Aggreagator with voting. Startup news from the blogosphere.[+31/07/06]
  103. Video Bomb: digg-style for videos.
  104. Wizag: For feeds, previously called Diggol. [+16/06/06]
  105. Web Feeds digg-style rating for links and videos.
  106. Wikio: Private Beta. For news, also in French. [+03/04/06]
  107. Wobblog: for blogs with Haloscan support. Open source.
  108. Wordsy: NEW! For Books. [+26/03/07]
  109. YouPickTheNews: for news with a ‘in-page floating div’ systeme for rating, without comments but with email notification.
  110. Zapzap: Podcast aggregator in Engliash and Japanese [+02/07/06]

The ‘Lots of kicks’ series, where you can earn with your Google Adsense ID. See here to get dotnet blog buttons.[+30/03/06]:

  1. dotnetkicks: digg-style for Microsoft development techniques, ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, C++…
  2. GoogleKicks: for Google related news.[+30/03/06]
  3. Irish News.
  4. for Java related.
  5. mackicks: Mac related.
  6. Mozilla news.
  7. Sharepointkicks: for Microsoft SharePoint technologies.[+07/07/06]
  8. XboxKicks: digg-style for Xbox related.

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Custom digg like services:

@Newz: Let’s you create your own digg like website. Still very new, has not much documentation yet. Also has a wiki version: @wiki [+29/12/06]

  1. word77@News: Default style.
  2. chinni@News: – customized.
  3. beskidniski@News: – customized.

CrispyNews Allows you to create your own digg like community, moderate, customize and share revenue. [info] [Wiki][+18/02/06]

  1. OsViews: Technology’s Opinion Barometer. – Completely customized.
  2. I dig DEALS: for deals. – customized header.
  3. Scigg 2.0: Science news. – customized.
  4. The Seduction Game: about seduction/dating material. – up/down voting buttons and thumbshots.

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Pliggs or Menéame:

Pligg, originally named Menéame in Spanish, is a free CMS with tags, plugins, templates, icons, vote buttons, language customization, podcast support and advanced user profiles with gravatars…and much more. [about Pligg] [wiki] [Clones] (Category added thanks to Damian)

      1. 2CentsNews: market-driven news. [+13/12/06]
      2. For advertising. [+07/07/06]
      3. Advert Lover: For advertisements. [+13/11/06]
      4. AgentB: For deals.[+15/10/06]
      5. AllAboutSport: for sport lovers. [+04/09/06]
      6. NEW! about alternative and renewable energy. [+01/02/07]
      7. Articlesphere: NEW! Menéamet, general. [+29/01/07]
      8. APBNews: crime news. One of the first to use Pligg. [12/2005][RSS]
      9. Astigg!: NEW! Philippine related news. [+10/03/07]
      10. BARKS=BookmARKS: for news. [+19/05/06]
      11. BestWEEKever.TV: for it’s community.[+15/10/06]
      12. legal, technology. [+02/04/06]
      13. Blog Reporter: blogs. [+22/04/06]
      14. bizzbites: NEW! Pligg for business news. [+20/04/07]
      15. Bringr: for women’s intrests. (Thanks to Davak) [+02/04/06]
      16. Britney: For music. [+12/11/06]
      17. news.
      18. New York.
      19. Celebpops: NEW! Pligg, celebrity news. [+15/03/07]
      20. Chinamemes: NEW! Pligg, focused on Chinese internet technology. [+29/01/07]

    1. crankk: for Cycling News. Previously
    2. Cruisinaltitude Aviation News: for aviation-related news story.
    3. Daddaily: for dads. [+24/08/06]
    4. Danzai: Spanish, Menéamet for video links [+13/11/06]
    5. for customers and store owners to submit coupon codes.
    6. DEALigg: for deals. [+10/10/06]
    7. for developers powered content. [+19/08/06]
    8. DemoDT: for undiscovered and/or under the radar artists. [+26/02/07]
    9. Devbump: For for game developers.[+15/10/06]
    10. DealSpy: for deals, designe by zeegal[+01/08/06]
    11. DiggDex: Digg clone related. [+26/02/07]
    12. Digg-gay: NEW! Pligg, for the gay community. Also available in French [+20/04/07]
  1. DigStock: for stocks, stock exchange.
  2. EnDigg: NEW! Any news. [+09/04/07]
  3. Factivism: NEW! progressive and alternative news. -Nicely restyled. [+01/02/07]
  4. Fat Pitch News: for finance, invesment
  5. Favester: NEW! bizarre and unique links. [+01/02/07]
  6. FeedTheBull: NEW! for Bull community. [+29/01/07]
  7. FlashDevs: NEW! for Flash Developers-Designers, Actionscript Gurus and where Flex Apps are showcased. [+29/01/07]
  8. Fleshh: for erotic related.
  9. Forums of India: for any news. It’s ‘article’ section uses pligg. [+17/07/06]
  10. Fritterware: games.[+11/11/06]
  11. fuddle-duddle: for Canadian political news with reddit like voting.
  12. funnydigg: for funny videos. [+11/08/06]
  13. Funnylee: NEW! Pligg for funny stuff. [+1/05/07]
  14. Game diggity: Game videos, previously named GameLemons.[+15/10/06]
  15. Gamerbytes: For game related stories.[+30/06/06]
  16. GameSnips: NEW! Pligg, Games. [+29/01/07]
  17. GeekCoffee: for Technology. (Under mantainance?)
  18. Gotlah: for freebies. [+24/08/06]
  19. GoobToob: for video clips [+27/07/06]
  20. Haha Hollywood: NEW! Menéamet, Celebrity. [+29/01/07]
  21. Hao Hao Report: For Chinese news. [+12/08/06]
  22. high Vibe it: NEW! Positive news. [+11/03/07]
  23. show biss, movies. (was broken)
  24. HomoMojo: For the gay community. [+24/08/06]
  25. HR salad: Human Resource related. Pligg.[+17/07/06]
  26. Hugg(BETA): For green news. Pligg (Thanks to elsa)
  27. Inbreaking(BETA): Menéamet, for links.
  28. IndianBytes: NEW! Menéamet , General. [+29/01/07]
  29. Menéamet, for India news.
  30. KaBlogs: for blogging related stories.
  31. LeetDaily: Game related.[+15/10/06]
  32. LinuxFilter: for Linux related.
  33. Liszen: NEW! Pligg, for librarians. [+20/04/07]
  34. Marijua Nanation : NEW! Marijuana news and resources. [+09/04/07]
  35. marktd: Merketing. [+12/11/06]
  36. Medical Articles and News: for Medical Articles and News.
  37. Meedio Idea: for Meedio.
  38. MobilityBeat: Mobile tech news & reviews. [+13/12/06]
  39. for video related, colaborative Internet-Video programming guide.
  40. mogspot: Game resource for the gamers.[+15/10/06]
  41. mp3-o-rama: news and resources related to mp3.
  42. music, DJs.
  43. MyThailandHotel : Pligg for travel articles about Thailand. [+26/02/07]
  44. nastygrrl: for aldult content (Thanks to mattr)
  45. Nation of Millions: NEW! Pligg. HipHop related. [+29/12/06]
  46. Naughtypower: pro wrestling news. [+26/02/07]
  47. Network Strike: security.
  48. news2: For any News. [+17/09/06]
  49. NewsKiks: For for game developers.[+15/10/06]
  50. travels.
  51. NexBig: NEW! Pligg. For the next big thing… [+29/12/06]
  52. ParrotAddict: parrots
  53. Photozook: for photos. [+24/08/06]
  54. Pimp me famous: WordPress and Pligg. To submit videos. [+07/07/06]
  55. Pixel Groovy: Tutorials. Pligg.[+24/06/06]
  56. PlugIM: Completely restyled pligg – internet marketing related. [+05/10/06]
  57. Podolicious: podcasts
  58. Pornogg: NEW! Adult content. NSW. [+29/01/07]
  59. RavemySpace: NEW! Pligg, People. [+29/01/07]
  60. Riggd: NEW! Pligg for Politcal (patriot community for news and editorials). [+29/01/07]
  61. SargeNation: NEW! Dating and Seduction news. [+10/03/07]
  62. Save Social: For UK bargains, see also US version. [+18/07/06]
  63. ScoopTube: for videos.[+15/10/06]
  64. Sport related.[+07/11/06]
  65. SEOyak: NEW! For the SEO community. [+29/01/07]
  66. Shakk.Us: for Entertainment.
  67. Search Engin Epress: for search engins, seo, internet..,
  68. Sleightgeek Magic Social Bookmarking: Magic related.
  69. smarkwire: for pro wrestling but does not have voting.
  70. socialporn: Adult content. NSW.
  71. SportsCast : Menéamet, for sports.
  72. SportsFlip: for sports.
  73. Sportsplugs: about Sports. [+07/07/06]
  74. Adult content. NSW. [+13/12/2006]
  75. SpyMy: for the South East Asia region.
  76. Staralicious: celebrity news.
  77. Stingit!!!: diversity. [+28/10/06]
  78. Suggest for: With 3 separated sections: Travel, Business and Marketing. [+13/12/2006]
  79. for LDS-oriented web pages. Apparently it first used it’s own code. [+17/09/06]
  80. NEW! Pligg. Blogging, seo and web related. [+29/01/07]
  81. Take This Thought : NEW! To share thoughts. [+09/04/07]
  82. TechFeed: NEW! Menéamet, Feed technology. [+29/01/07]
  83. Thats Chillin: For videos. [+06/08/06]
  84. The Ad Review: pligg for advertisements [+21/08/06]
  85. Torrop: for torrent. [+24/08/06]
  86. Topkix: for offbeat and funny news. [+20/08/06]
  87. Top Ten Tutorials: Pligg for tutorials [+05/10/06]
  88. Trade Rock Community: for trading and sharing music news.
  89. Tutorialism: for tutorials
  90. VideoSift: The Best of Google Video and YouTube.
  91. Get paid for submitting funny and interesting videos. [+03/11/06]
  92. Votesexy: NEW! Menéamet for sexy videos. NSW [+12/02/07]
  93. Web Pages That Suck: …about Bad Web Sites That Suck[+13/10/06]
  94. Wiigg: game related. [+13/10/06]
  95. Wine Life Today: Wine related. [+13/10/06]
  96. Wrigg: Content and Article Writing. [+13/12/2006]
  97. Zeropaid: for Bittorrent and p2p.

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Other Languages:

  1. .N T.P.Y.: Turkish digg-style for Videos.
  2. @News: Japanese digg-style for news.
  3. NEW! Chinese. [+29/04/07]
  4. Baay!: NEW! Russian. [+10/02/07]
  5. Bagook: German [via] [+18/06/06]
  6. Blog Memes: Spanish, also exists in French, Portugesee, Japanese, English ( listed above) and Belgium.
  7. Blogasty: NEW! French for blogs with +/- buttons. [+20/04/07]
  8. Bluegger : NEW! French, news with adsense support. [+29/01/07]
  9. Brevissime!: Italian, for news powered by symfony [+29/07/06]
  10. Buzzcn: Chinese Digg. [+12/08/06][via]
  11. Choix: Japanese digg-style, for any links.
  12. Chineses digg, same style interface has trackback.
  13. CoRich Newsclip: Japanese digg style, is an extension to corich social bookmark service.
  14. Creabits: Spanish for any news. [+30/06/06]
  15. CSSlook: Korean, Public bookmarking, nice designe for nice designes.
  16. dingr: Chinese digg-style.
  17. NEW! Russian. [+13/03/07]
  18. Douban: Chinese, for books, music and videos. [via]
  19. Chinese digg-style. [+12/11/06]
  20. Ec Navi: Japanese digg-style for news.
  21. eKudos: Dutch, general – Ruby On Rails powered. [+13/11/06]
  22. eu curti: Brzilian digg-style.
  23. Fresqui(Beta): Spanish digg-style for technology, has 2 websites. [17/03/06]
  24. Fuzz: French, digg-style for news.
  25. Chinese digg-style.
  26. Gmiix: NEW! French, French and world news with adsense support. [+29/01/07]
  27. Gwar: Polish digg-style with +/-.
  28. Habrahabr: NEW! Russian. [+10/02/07]
  29. hadash-hot: Israeli digg-style. [+09/08/06]
  30. Hot NEW! Russian, news. [+10/02/07]
  31. Chinese, for the community. [+27/10/06]
  32. ihardware: Spanish digg-stlye for technology and hardware.
  33. Kilasan: Indonesian, for any news.[+06/07/06]
  34. Knews: Chinese digg-style for news.[+15/10/06]
  35. Krtica: Croatian digg-style.
  36. LinkPost excite: Japanese digg-style, for any links. By portal.
  37. Linkter: Hugarian digg-style.
  38. livedoor Clip: Japanese digg-style, for any link. [+06/07/06]
  39. Markit: NEW! French, technology related. [+08/02/07]
  40. MarkeZine: Japanese digg-style, for any links.
  41. MSN Reporter: NEW! By MSN. French (Belgium), Norwegian and Dutch. [15/02/07]
  42. Spanish, computer and web related. – opensource. [+13/11/06]
  43. MyScoop: NEW! Russian digg-style.
  44. Russian digg-style for news, uses hierachical categories.
  45. NewsFilter: NEW! Dutch. [01/02/07]
  46. Newsland: NEW! Russian, news. [+10/02/07]
  47. newsing: Japanese, for news with different style voting buttons. [+27/07/06]
  48. NUOUZ: French digg-style for news.
  49. OKNotizie: Italian for news using Ajax. Blog button code here. [+04/06/06]
  50. Chinese digg-style.
  51. Overmundo: Brazil, with media support and tags. [+12/11/06]
  52. Pioche: NEW! French digg for technology, science and cultural news. [+16/03/07]
  53. Spanish digg-style.
  54. que pasa ?: Digg-style for local news with podcast support. French.
  55. Qooqle Video Clippers: Japanese for Videos. [+02/09/06]
  56. Qopo: Chinese. [+13/10/06]
  57. Rec6: Brasil. [+11/11/06]
  58. Reddit: For bg, ca (Spanish catalan), de, eo(Esperanto), eu, es, fr, hu, hy, id, it, ja, ko, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sv, tr, vi and zh!
  59. RUmarkz: NEW! Russian digg-style.
  60. NEW! Spanish, For news per contry (Argentina, Brazil,Chili, Comlombia, Mexico, Peru, USA, Venezuela) [+20/04/07]
  61. Scoopeo: French digg-style where you can win prizes.
  62. SMI2: NEW! Russian, news. [+10/02/07]
  63. NEW! French, considered as a digg like but shows views instead of vote buttons. [+20/04/07]
  64. Tag River: Chinese digg-style.
  65. Technotizie: NEW! Italian for hi-tech [+20/04/07]
  66. Tipt: NEW! Dutch. [01/02/07]
  67. Tutmarks: French, for tutorials with Gavatar support. [+27/10/06]
  68. wapher: Arabe digg-style for news.
  69. NEW! German.
  70. German digg-clone formerly called
  71. Japanese, general.
  72. vottie: Chinese digg-style aggregator for videos. [+19/06/06][via]
  73. ZoomZik: NEW! French for music. [+20/04/07]

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Pligg or Méneame Other Languages:

  1. Acelérame: Spanish, motor.
  2. Alalza: Argentina, pligg for economics related.[+15/10/06]
  3. French, general.
  4. Astroadictos: Spanish, astronomy. Méneame
  5. Banerzhuan: Chinese Pligg.
  6. bifri: Spanish [+22/07/06]
  7. Blogitic: NEW! French Pligg, national and international politics. [+17/03/07]
  8. Galician, general.
  9. ciudadastur: Spanish, for asturian news. [31/08/06]
  10. Colivia: NEW! German. [+10/03/07]
  11. concursae: NEW! Spanish, for contests in Spain and South America. [23/03/07]
  12. Swedish [+10/07/06]
  13. diggba: Chinese.
  14. Latvia (thank you hellijs)
  15. DoMelhor: Portugesee digg-style for news.
  16. DjSessions: for DJ, music related stories.
  17. Electrovesti: NEW! Pligg, Russian. [+10/02/07]
  18. Enchilame: For Mexican politics and technology. [+02/07/06]
  19. Enosotras: Only for Shes. [+02/07/06]
  20. general, Portugesee
  21. Geritsel in het struikgewas: Dutch for belgium news. [+13/10/06]
  22. hazmereir: NEW! Méneame, Spanish for news. [+20/04/07]
  23. hipootecas: Spanish for mortage. [+13/10/06]
  24. Ingeniando: Architecture, Spanish.
  25. ihardware: Spanish digg-stlye for technology and hardware.
  26. general, Hungarian
  27. Joomla, CMS, Spanish.
  28. K2W: Spanish, technology. [+26/02/07]
  29. Finish. [+03/11/06]
  30. German for videos. [+06/11/06]
  31. NEW! Thai Pligg. [+26/02/07]
  32. Ladrillos y bits: Spanish for arcitchture related. [+13/10/06]
  33. Laberbrett: German pligg
  34. Lesr: German, general. [via] [+13/10/06]
  35. technology, Portugese
  36. livedigg: Chinese diggstyle for news.[via]
  37. Marchate: Spanish for Travel.
  38. French for merketing using an Andreasviklund theme. [+17/07/06]
  39. MENÉAME: Spanish, for blogs. The original source of Pligg.
  40. RubyonRails, Spanish.
  41. Microsia: Indonaesian Pigg. [+24/08/06]
  42. general, Spanish.
  43. mipcdebolsillo: Mobile, wireless technology. Spanish.
  44. moongift Clip: Japanese Pligg for computer related. Side service to the moongift website.
  45. movilizame: Spanish for mobile related. [+13/10/06]
  46. mumor: Humour, Spanish.
  47. Mundo VoIP: VoIP, Spanish.
  48. tecnología, Spanish.
  49. photography, Spanish.
  50. general, Spanish.
  51. Numarketing: NEW! Dutch, marketing/advertising. [+10/03/07]
  52. Open Source: OpenSource, Japanese
  53. Ouvi Dizer: general, Portugesee
  54. general, Estonian
  55. Pezones Negros: Spanish. Human rights, manipulation, abuse, … [31/08/06]
  56. Japanese, for technology where each entry has trackback.
  57. Horno Recetaria: Spanish, cooking, recipies.
  58. general, Hebrew.
  59. Sovrat: NEW! Swedish. [+26/02/07]
  60. TapeMoi!: French digg-style for news.
  61. Tollbo: NEW! Swedish, videos. [+10/03/07]
  62. Tùniti: Spanish, for comics, manga.
  63. Tuteame: general, Spanish.
  64. TV adictos: Spanish, for television.
  65. Viadescape: journalism, Spanish.
  66. Votala: general, Spanish.
  67. Polish digg like with gravatar support. [+02/08/06][via]
  68. Spanish, for leisure.
  69. Zabaldu: Basque, general.

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  1. Write public Messages about coworkers most annoying habits and get it rated or email it anonymously.
  2. aworldofhelp: Q&A and link submission, requires to login to see the rating button.
  3. Cluztr beta: NEW! For chatting and more, instead of voting buttond shows how many users are on a page. English [+20/04/07]
  4. Exclaimable!: For creating media where viewers can vote.[+11/11/06]
  5. Listible!: for listing where voting resorts each item, the most ‘+voted’ links are at the top of the page. List commenting, not each item. Has tags. Listed also here
  6. Same kind as the above, with Google adsense support. [+12/08/06]
  7. votelists: Same systeme as listible! with -/+ buttons. [+29/07/06]
  8. has no voting/rating system
  9. Gabbr: social news community with different concept.
  10. rssbit: Online RSS reader with digg like buttons showing number of subscribers. [+15/03/07]
  11. Kepty: Between Slashdot and digg, for writing and submitting. Rating only visible from comments page.
  12. Slashdot: An other kind of social news website. It also has submit and commenting, no digg like voting but karma points. Some Slashdot-likes are: OhMyNews, barrapunto Spanish (Spanish), SlashIndia (India).
  13. Tagtooga: Public bookmark dirctory with voting and many other features, see here.
  14. Trouw: Dutch, a map with social digg-like voting.
  15. SkimCSS: CSS related, used to use a digg like voting system, looks like pligg’s skidoo style but now has drop down rating menus.
  16. SearchMob: A blog using pligg.

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For getting a digg clone yourself, see here

Have I missed any?
If you happen to see one missing, know a new digg like website startup or is starting one yourself, please le me know by leaving a comment. Thanks! Danke! Merci! 🙂

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You may also want to see:

  • Meme, Memetic search: Technique for tagging web pages that allows a better full-text search.
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  •, digg clones and Open Source Social Bookmarking Engines

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