Making Money From Your Blog

Starting your own blog is one of the most fun, rewarding experiences you’ll find on the internet. If you write a blog for fun or a creative outlet then things like traffic, page views might not interest you. But your blog could be a means for you to make a pretty penny. You just have to remember a few things when starting up to be successful.

1. Know Your Content & Audience – If there’s one thing that most all successful blogs have in common it’s that they almost all have a central theme. General interest blogs might be entertaining for you, but if you’re looking to make money then you’ll want your blog to have a point. If you enjoy electronic gadgets, then a blog surrounding electronic news or reviews would be a good start. Having a strong singular focus will also payoff in the long run for advertising interests as well.

2. Finding Readers & Keeping Them – This is probably the most challenging step when making money from your blog. Finding an audience is a daunting task, considering how many people are out there and how many blogs saturate the market. The first thing to remember is making your blog SEO compliant. A huge majority of people surfing the internet use a search engine, so you’ll want your page as high up on the hit list as possible. Here is a good site with tips on implementing good SEO for blog writers. Another great way to find readers to be involved in the blogging community. Frequent other writers’ sites and leave comments. In the blogging world, the more people you visit then the more people that will visit you.

3 Advertising…It’s All In The Content – I mentioned earlier that you want to find a core audience when starting your blog. While attracting visitors is the main reason, finding companies to advertise on your site is another. Advertising is where you’ll directly be making money from your blog. If your blog has a core theme, and a strong audience then a lot of times advertisers will come to you. If not then this is when you’ll have to take risks to be successful. The easiest, and fastest way to monetize from advertising is to utilize AdSense. Google Adsense simply takes your article and puts ad links into various keywords throughout the post. How much money you receive is based on how many clicks each ad gets.

4 Keep Up With New Technology – The blogosphere is just like any other entity of the internet. The technology and advancements for blogging are continually changing. One of the best ways to keep up with new tools is to join a forum. Blogging technology is usually spread through word-of-mouth and forums is the perfect platform for new information.

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